The largest Spanish baby due to natural birth

The largest Spanish baby due to natural birth

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Oh my gosh, it seems that babies have agreed in recent months to break records when it comes to their birth weight. Spain also already has the largest baby due to natural birth.

She is a girl, her name is María Lorena and she was born in the Dénia Hospital, in Alicante, weighing 6.20 kilograms. She is the daughter of Maxime and Jaime, she is British and the mother of three other children, and he is Colombian, who opens with this baby. He is the fourth son of the mother, aged 40, whose previous children were born weighing more than 4.5 kilos.

The birth of the little girl has made the headlines of newspapers throughout Spain, and it is no wonder that she is considered the largest baby by natural birth in this country. The mother, who has not needed epidural anesthesia to give birth, is in "perfect" health, just like the girl.

Babies weighing over 4.5 kilograms are generally delivered by cesarean delivery. In this case, contrary to what happened with Jasleen, the other girl who was born in Germany, weighing 6.11 kilos and has measured 57.5 centimeters, because her mother has suffered from gestational diabetes, the case of this girl from Dénia, has not presented complications. It was a simple and peaceful delivery, and it lasted about 3 hours.

At the moment, the little girl is in Observation in the Neonatology Unit since as doctors affirm, when a baby is born with more than 4.5 kilos, it is usually monitored in the first hours of life in case the blood sugar level drops. They are usually passive babies, sleepy and hard to wake up.

The mother was in the 41st week of pregnancy. She knew the baby was big, but not that big. The clothes that she had bought for the first days of the little girl, do not serve her either. You need clothes for babies from 3 to 6 months.

María Lorena has just been born. So small, so big ... and in such a short time to live, look what it has already assembled! :)

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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