The 20 most powerful family heads on the planet

The 20 most powerful family heads on the planet

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This year, the International Family Day highlights the need to strike a balance between work and family. These were the words of the Secretary General of the United Nations in the message of the International Day of Families.

A unique opportunity to reflect on the role of parents in the family, divided between the obligation to work and financially support their children and the need to have time to educate children and give them all the attention they need during childhood.

The relationship between the members of a family forms the most powerful affective bond that exists. Achieving a balance between work and family is a goal that we all set ourselves and that some of us arrive at with more difficulties than others. Along these lines, Forbes magazine has taken the opportunity to surprise its audience once again with the publication of one of its famous lists. On this occasion, they wanted to find out who the 20 most powerful family heads on the planet are.

And is that if reconciling work and family life is difficult for everyone, it is even more so for working mothers. In relation to the list of celebrities, Forbes magazine assures that "the most powerful mothers must develop unique strategies to be successful in their professional and family careers," something that I consider is not exclusive to them, since each and every one of us must develop our particular strategies if we want to achieve everything, without neglecting anything, neither work nor partner, nor children.

So among working mothers, yes, famous, of course, who head the ranking the Secretary of State stands out in the number one position, Hillary clinton. Apparently, Hillary is still mother first and has prioritized preparations for her daughter Chelsea's wedding this year. The president of Brazil, Dilma rosseff, ranks second in this ranking, while the CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, 56 years old and mother of two children, has achieved third place.

At number four is Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl sandberg, who assures that every day he stops working at 5:30 in the afternoon to have dinner with his children. Closing the Top Five we meet the co-president of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, and a step further, in sixth position, the Indian leader Sonia Gandhi. The first American lady,Michelle Obama, ranks number seven and eight the magazine places the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. The CEO of the Kraft food group, Irene Rosenfeld, and the executive editor of The New York Times, Jill abramson, close the top ten positions. The Burmese Nobel Peace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi, it's the last on the Forbes list.

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